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Draupadi, is an eloquent projection of the trivials of Modern Day women which finds uncanny resemblances to the life of Draupadi that unfolded thousands of years ago, in the age old Hindu epic of The Mahabharata. The life of Draupadi reflects ominously on the women of today: this is what weaves the plot in the dance play.

Stretched in all directions at home, at work and as a social entity, women are expected to fill in the gaps like sand, adapt to situations like clay and yet the reality is that they have to be as solid as rock as they are the foundation of our existence. The fact of being pulled in different directions is not new; it has always been like that from time Immemorial. Depicting the plight of contemporary Indian women, the play attempts to take the audience on the journey from the present to the past, and poses the question: Are we so different now?


Centuries have gone since the Mahabharat War ended yet Draupadi is still here. Stuck between heaven and earth, roaming the streets and pondering her fate and her choices. Her only faith is Lord Krishna. She tries to resolve with him why women must continue to suffer as she had in the past. Krishna, the orchestrator of fate, leads her to Maaya - a woman of today who has suffered much abuse at the hands of society. A distraught Maaya attempts suicide, but Draupadi stops her and offers her help in return for a favour. Maaya treads through her life in Draupadi's footsteps, and in the end she too most make a choice-will she choose revenge or resilience? Will she be Draupadi's salvation? Will Krishna be able to address centuries old smoldering wounds?


Professional, Classical Dancer, actress, director and producer Shalu Menon has planned this production as a "Spectacle with Soul”. She has been working on the contours of the depiction of Draupadi and the comprehension of her spirit for the past many months.

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